Holiday Specials

Miss Cottontail Cake

Carrot Cake: 

3 layers of carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Malt: 

3 layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate malt buttercream.

*both flavors decorated as a white bunny with a floral crown

4”: $3o serves 6

6”: $45 serves 15-16 

8″: $60 serves 20-24

Cutout Cookies

Funfetti 3 pack: $5.50 



Box of 7: $13

Box of 15: $26 


Extra Large Mac Box: 

22 macarons



1/2 Dozen Iced Brownies 

Easter deco




4 Cupcake Special:

Any 4 case cupcakes.


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Seasonal Flower Deco

Check out the picture below for our seasonal buttercream flower decoration. These have no deco charge, and are still beautiful…

Case Decoration

Our case decoration rotates every month to coordinate with the seasons and new decorating techniques. Check out the picture below to see what our case looks like this month…