Tiered Cakes

Congrats on your engagement! You are going to the chapel…and you are going to need a cake! If you are interested in a BMT wedding cake, the next step is to take a look at our tasting info below and give us a call to schedule a tasting. We can answer any of your questions ahead of time but like to sit down with couples and talk over exactly what they are looking for. 

Our tiered cake menu will also be helpful. It lists the sizes we offer and how many people those sizes serve. We suggest ordering enough servings for 50%-75% of your guests. The prices listed do not include decoration or delivery charges. We know planning a wedding isn’t easy, BUT we want the planning of your wedding cake to be a “piece of cake”– and a really delicious one at that! 

Cake Tastings

We require at least a week advance notice to schedule tastings. Tastings are scheduled Tues-Sat from 10am-2pm and must be scheduled over the phone or in person. We charge $5 per person for tastings if you are only ordering a single-tiered cut cake.

Please choose 3 each of the following cake favors and fillings to try out:

Cake flavors: white, chocolate, vanilla bean, funfetti, spice, lemon, black bottom (chocolate cake marbled with chocolate chip cheesecake), lemon blueberry, strawberry, cookies and cream

Fillings: Chocolate ganache, cream cheese icing, white buttercream, chocolate buttercream, salted caramel (caramel and a salted caramel buttercream), strawberry buttercream, vanilla bean buttercream, raspberry buttercream, peanut butter buttercream, coffee buttercream, cinnamon buttercream, cookies and cream buttercream

You must submit your cake flavors and fillings by the Saturday before your tasting. IF we do not hear back from you with the flavors and filings we will choose for you.

Tiered Cake Menu

Two Tiers

Servings Sizes Buttercream Prices Fondant Prices
15-20 4,6 $75 $100
35-45 6,8 $105 $155
50-60 6,10 $125 $180
60-70 8,10 $150 $225
70-80 8,12 $180 $260

Three Tiers

Servings Sizes Buttercream Prices Fondant Prices
40-50 4,6,8 $145 $220
75-85 6,8,10 $220 $320
85-95 6,8,12 $300 $375
110-120 8,10,12 $305 $440
115-125 6,10.14 $390 $445

Four Tiers

Servings Sizes Buttercream Prices Fondant Prices
80-90 4,6,8,10 $290 $430
90-100 4,6,8,12 $330 $480
125-135 6,810,12 $400 $575
145-155 6,8,10,14 $440 $625
180-190 8,10,12,14 $500 $700

Cake Flavors

vanilla bean
black bottom
(chocolate cake marbled with chocolate chip cheesecake)
lemon blueberry
cookies and cream



chocolate ganache
cream cheese icing
white buttercream
chocolate buttercream
salted caramel buttercream
maple walnut buttercream
strawberry buttercream
vanilla bean buttercream
raspberry buttercream
peanut butter buttercream
coffee buttercream
cinnamon buttercream
cookies and cream buttercream

icing 1


white buttercream
chocolate buttercream

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Seasonal Flower Deco

Check out the picture below for our seasonal buttercream flower decoration. These have no deco charge, and are still beautiful…

Case Decoration

Our case decoration rotates every month to coordinate with the seasons and new decorating techniques. Check out the picture below to see what our case looks like this month…